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A mission project of the
United Methodist Church

Housing Ministry


Affordable Housing

In rural Ohio, affordable housing is at a premium.  Jackson Area Ministries has seen the need and has come up with a plan.  A family that is in a mobile home that is beyond repair is selected to receive a new house.  The family must own the land and have access to utilities and sanitation.  After the house is built the trailer will be removed.  This allows the family to stay at their current location during the building process.

The cost of materials will come from donations and labor will come from volunteers.  The family will move into the new house debt free.


Our First House

The first house was just completed in McArthur, Ohio for a family of three adults.  The process took longer than expected but the recipients are pleased with the result.  The construction was done by adult volunteers and by youth during work camp.  Professionals were hired for some of the building process.


Our Second Affordable House

Plans are being made for the second house to begin this spring.  Funds received from "Giving Tuesday" have been set aside to add to the remaining money from the first house.  Our Housing Task Force has already received applications to be reviewed.  A decision as to the recipient of the second house will be made soon.  If you are interested in being involved with this ministry--financially or physically--please contact us at Jackson Area Ministries, P.O. Box 603, Jackson, OH  45640 or at 1-888-237-3141 or jamjar@midohio.twcbc.com.

As always we appreciate the support of your prayers.